Worldwide Outreach at SonSet Solutions in 2016

Persistence in Northern Nigeria

Carrying Jesus Film Equipment

Progress is being made with giving Ezekiel, a pastor in Nigeria, a stronger voice by way of a radio station. He continues to visit surrounding villages where he projects the Jesus Film and gives personal testimony of what God has done for him. During a recent outreach trip, he came under attack. He wrote, “As we packed up our equipment and headed to the river where we parked our boat, they followed us with stones. One of the stones fell on the power generator that I was carrying on my head. I thanked God I was carrying something on my head. (See photo on left.) Otherwise I would have been badly injured. While the threat of stones can wound our bodies, nothing can damage the vision of making disciples and our determination to be God’s servants in spreading the sparks of discipleship across Africa.”

Better Signals in Spain and Turkey

Two of our team were on the shores of the Black Sea in January helping Turkish partners expand their outreach through radio broadcasts. This trip ran into health and logistical challenges along the way. Please pray that fruit will come from this endeavor as we provide ongoing assistance at two locations in Turkey. Our colleagues first spent a week in southern Spain where they were able to introduce changes to equipment at a partner’s studio location that significantly improved the audio quality of programs being aired.

Life & Health in Congo Brazzaville


The message of life through the Son will soon have a much broader reach from Radio Sango Kitoko located at Pioneer Christian Hospital in the north of Congo. We erected a 300-foot tower for the FM antenna and also helped research health factors in the community that are contributing to a high rate of infant mortality.

Enabling Greater Impact in Latin America

We recently deployed an engineer to Ecuador to help Radio HCJB resolve an issue with their mountaintop AM broadcast antenna system that covers the large metropolis of Quito. We also sent someone with building expertise to the Dominican Republic where he helped a national pastor with plans for dormitory space that will support work teams.

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