What do those strange four letters mean?

Does the name, HCJB Global look strange to you? Do you find “H, C, J, B” difficult to remember?

The letters HCJB were chosen when this missionary organization began in Quito, Ecuador in 1931, and have significance in both English and Spanish. In English, the letters mean “Heralding Christ Jesus’ Blessings” and in Spanish, “Hoy Cristo Jesus Bendice” — “Today Christ Jesus Blesses”.

Here’s how I (Dan) express the meaning of HCJB Global:

Heralding — announcing boldly, as in “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!”
Christ — the Anointed One sent from God who to save us
Jesus — the God-man who lived as one of us, who died, and rose again
Blessings — the hope of eternal life and peace with God for all who trust in Jesus Christ, blessings and goodness that we cannot imagine
Global — a message that is for every people group, language, and nation on Earth

Our ambition is use the technical and financial resources God has given us to spread His gospel throughout the world.

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