We’re a Pit Crew, not Cowboys

I (Dan) recently viewed a video that compared cowboys and pit crews. Cowboys ride in with fanfare, handle the situation single-handedly, and ride back out as heroes. Conversely, pit crews work as a coordinated group of team members, each with a part in the overall task.

Most of us want to be cowboys, but when it comes to God’s work, we are called to be part of a pit crew. Each one of us who is a born-again child of God has a part to play in the Church, the Body of Christ. In 1 Corinthians chapter 12, Paul speaks of the Church having one body with many parts. Each part has a role to play and no single part is “better” than any other, but we are all called to fulfill our role.

When someone in Africa hears the Good News of Jesus Christ on the radio, it’s because someone broadcast that program on a local radio station. Someone else wrote the program in the local language, and someone else in Elkhart was able to provide the technology to record and transmit the program. You or someone else gave financially to support the others. Although certain roles are more noticed than others, all are equally important to accomplishing the task of proclaiming Christ via radio.

Thank you to everyone who is part of our pit crew with HCJB Global!


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