Using Technology to Change Lives

SonSetRadioLadyPim, a Christian in Thailand, invited her neighbor, Sinee, to attend church with her one day. Sinee was intrigued that a local church was involved in operating a radio station in their community. She went home and, with her mother and aunts, began listening to the programs. During a follow-up, all four ladies indicated they wanted to become Christians.

Another true story of how God is beaming light into the darkness comes from the island of Fiji in the South Pacific:

It was just a day after being released from prison when Mani came to the station. He was desperate to share how God had saved him as a result of listening to the radio station. On a fixed-tuned SonSet® radio given to him by a local pastor, Mani heard programs and songs that ministered to him in his drab cell. He gave his heart to God. Raji, who was listening with him, also trusted Christ.

Stories like these come to us from our partners as we help them use technology to proclaim the life-changing message of the gospel in their communities. During the first half of 2014, God gave the HCJB Global Technology Center (now SonSet Solutions) opportunities to assist 89 ministries in 51 countries by providing them with equipment, service, and training. More than 39,200 SonSet radios had been distributed as of August 2014. Imagine how many people that number of radios represents who have had the chance to hear about the true light of the world!

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