Transmitters Come Home

HC100 Transmitters Arriving in Elkhart from Ecuador
HC100 Transmitters Arriving in Elkhart from Ecuador

Two of the high-power HC100 shortwave radio transmitters built by the HCJB Global Technology Center have returned to Elkhart, Indiana. Since the early 1990s these complex pieces of electronic equipment have broadcast the gospel of Jesus Christ from Quito, Ecuador, for thousands of hours. Now that most Central and South American radio listeners have switched to AM, FM, and the Internet for Christian programming, these transmitters have been returned for refurbishment and redeployment to Australia and another undetermined site.

Installed in the northwest corner of Australia, one of these transmitters will join two others built in Elkhart reaching into Asia and the South Pacific where many listeners still depend on shortwave broadcasts for Christian programming.

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  1. It’s wonderful what you guys do at Elkhart at the Tech Centre. And we, as aussies, feel so privileged that you would think to help Australia reach into the pacific. Great work. Thank you.


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