The Point of the Arrow

Point of the arrow graphicWhat is the point of what are we doing at HCJB Global? The president of our mission, Wayne Pederson, summarizes our ministry:

“HCJB Global is using the mass media, healthcare and leadership development to reach people who have never heard, to reach people groups with limited access to the gospel and to mobilize those who can serve. But global evangelism is the ‘point of the arrow’ for HCJB Global.”

“When we provide emergency response, our goal is to introduce people to Jesus. When we provide clean water, it’s to point recipients to Jesus, the Living Water. When we provide healing help through our hospitals and clinics, it’s to introduce patients to the Great Physician. And in our broadcasting operations, it’s to communicate the good news about the one who came to demonstrate God’s love and the gift of eternal life to our needy world.”

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