Technology Helps Spread the Gospel

Child with SonSet RadioCHAD – Over 16, 000 poverty-stricken Kwong women in small remote villages of Chad have never been to school nor had the chance to learn to read or write and as a result, can-not read the Bible for themselves. Shame, intimidation, and the traditional subservient role of women in their society have helped to further restrict their access to understanding God’s Word. However, our ministry partner The Evangelical Alliance Mission is using local Christian radio to offer new hope to these women. Bible classes specifically tailored for them are now broadcast throughout the area on equipment supplied by the HCJB Global Technology Center.

THAILAND – When a partner station in Thailand promoted its station and distributed our SonSet® radios in nearby villages, twenty people committed their lives to Christ, including one entire family. This family increased the reach of their newly-acquired radio by connecting it to an amplifier so that others in the village could listen to the programs with them.

ALASKA – The Technology Center recently sent a shipment of SonSet radios to radio station KYKD in Alaska for distribution among the Yupík Eskimo villages in western Alaska.

Our SonSet radios continue to be an effective tool to reach many lives with the gospel message. Since 2006, over 38,500 radios have been placed around the globe.

Helping others around the world reach their communities with the gospel is why we are here. Your prayers and support make it possible! Thank you!


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