Summer Projects at the HCJB Global Technology Center

We at the HCJB Global Technology Center believe that God wants us to use technology for His glory, and we want to involve young people who will continue this work. This summer, six college students are involved in several projects to harness technology for mission work. These projects include:

  • A power-taming system to reduce the damage to radio and computer equipment in areas of the world with unpredictable power surges and brown-outs
  • Designing a solar tower that will use heat from sunlight to power a generator in locations lacking electrical power, and where fuel is expensive
  • Design of a Power Generation Potential Logger (PGPL) that missionaries in remote areas can use to determine whether there is enough sunlight, water, or wind to generate electricity for a radio station
  • Refurbishment of a high-power shortwave transmitter for Christian broadcasts to unreached parts of the world
  • Production of videos to show others what God is doing through various ministries throughout the world

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