SonSet Solutions

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We at SonSet Solutions are an enthusiastic and committed group. We come from varied professional backgrounds, national origins, and family dynamics. Many of us are skilled in technology. Our mission is to provide technology-based solutions to advance the Gospel worldwide. We believe that God himself has brought us together and has equipped us to work as an effective team. (Learn about what we do.)

Some core values that characterize us are:

  • An absolute confidence that the Bible is God’s inspired revelation of Himself to mankind. It is therefore our guide for faith and practice in everything we do and drives our call to action at SonSet Solutions.
  • A relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ, that results in abundant life
  • A passion to represent God well through all of our interactions
  • A desire for wisdom that comes from God
  • Boldness to share the Lord Jesus and trust him in our lives
  • Dependence on God in every aspect of our ministry
  • Equipping of the next generation of Kingdom workers
  • Effectiveness in God’s service with a focus that is guided by his Holy Spirit

The vision of SonSet Solutions is that the name of Jesus would be made known among the nations, and people everywhere would become his fruitful disciples.
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