SonSet® Radios on the Move!

At the end of April, volunteers at the HCJB Global Technology Center completed processing the 7,200 SonSet® solar-powered radios bound for partner stations in West Africa. The first 1,000 radios for the station in Asamankese, Ghana, have been packed in a shipping crate and are ready to start their journey into the hands of men, women, and children who will have an opportunity to hear God’s Word!  Five more crates will be assembled for shipping the remaining radios to the other four stations in Ghana, two stations in Sierra Leone, and eight stations in Burkina Faso.

The SonSet radio is a powerful tool for our partners’ church-planting and evangelism efforts, especially in areas where people cannot afford to own a radio.  The radios are digitally fix-tuned to our local partner’s radio station. As a result, we know that the people who receive these radios will continually hear Christ-centered programming.

After the radios arrive in Elkhart from the factory, volunteers from churches in northern Indiana and southern Michigan come to the HCJB Global Technology Center to help prepare the units for use in other countries. These volunteers, who range in age from teenagers to senior citizens, help perform quality checks, install the batteries, preset the station frequencies, and pack the radios for shipment.  By giving of their time, they are playing a part in spreading the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ around the world.

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