Return to Africa

Map showing location of Central African RepublicLord willing, on March 30, Dan is returning to the Central African Republic to install two new regional shortwave radio stations. These installations are similar to the one he helped set up three years ago.

One installation will provide a second station for ICDI (Integrated Community Development International) near the town of Boali. Most of the work will involve constructing shortwave broadcast antennas on 30-foot poles covering a couple of acres. Like the first Boali station, this one will reach nearly the entire country of the Central African Republic with Christian and community programming in French and other local languages. The new antenna will allow the station to extend its broadcast hours to shortwave bands that are usable during the evening.

The other station will be set up in Bangui, the capital of C.A.R., for the national government on behalf of ICDI. The government was impressed by the station we set up for the Christian ministry, and by assisting the government in the name of the ministry we are helping ensure that the door remains open for Christian broadcasting within the country.

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