Partnerships Boost Distribution of Thousands of Radios in Africa and Beyond

Last fall, HCJB Global partnered with Moody Radio to raise funds for SonSet® radios to be distributed by staff members at five of the mission’s partner stations in Ghana, West Africa. As a result, at least 7,000 more people who receive SonSet radios will soon become listeners of local Christian stations. Because it is common in Africa for extended family and friends to gather around and listen to a single radio, that number is expected to increase dramatically.

Pre-tuned, solar-powered, SonSet radio designed and distributed by the HCJB Global Technology Center


Each of those 7,000 radios was programmed, tested, and repackaged for shipment at the HCJB Global Technology Center. Hundreds of man-hours were needed for the task, so another partnership was forged when more than 180 volunteers from 15 of HCJB Global’s supporting churches traveled to the Technology Center to help the staff process the radios and prepare the sets for shipment. At the time of this writing, of the 5,000 designated for Ghana, 1,000 have already arrived and been released from customs. If all goes well, the remaining 4,000 will soon follow.

[Adapted from Technology Center News Network article]

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