Opportunities and Challenges Ahead in 2012

Barb is the new administrator for the HCJB Global Technology Center Facebook page and is learning the ins-and-outs of Facebook page management. Check out the page at: http://facebook.com/hcjbtech  and click “Like” to keep informed about what’s happening at the Tech Center.

I (Dan) am looking forward to more involvement with Internet-based ministries both with the Technology Center and partner ministries because even people in poor areas of Africa are gaining access to low-cost smart phones. I can help Christian producers and content creators understand and set up the nuts-and-bolts technology that runs behind the scenes which is a foreign language to many non-technical people. Although working with technology is fun for me, what makes it worthwhile is seeing it used to communicate the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

One of our challenges is determining which projects we should pursue in order to further Christian ministry. We can assist others with radio station and recording studio setup, power generation for remote areas, and all kinds of digital and “new media” ministries.

Another challenge is the ongoing financial support of our ministry. This coming year we face a 10% increase in our medical insurance premiums. We praise the Lord for those who support us financially and are seeking others who will partner with us as we look forward to a new year of fruitful service.


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