New SonSet Radios Increase Outreach

The first 5,000 of the redesigned SonSet® Radio receivers have been shipped from the factory to SonSet Solutions here in Elkhart and to our partners in the Asia-Pacific region. These new receivers can be pretuned to up to nine stations in the FM, AM, and shortwave radio bands. We can now serve our partner ministries that cover an entire country with shortwave Christian broadcasts.

SonSet RadioMB-1These radios often act as electronic missionaries where human missionaries are unable to serve. Each receiver is pre-tuned to a Christian-operated radio station with programming for the community. In most countries where we send SonSet radios, an entire family or group will listen together multiplying the effectiveness of the radio.

SonSet Radio Statistics

  • 43,175 SonSet radios shipped as of March 25, 2015
  • 10,000 new model MB-1 radios being built
  • 4000 MB-1s shipped to Asia Pacific region
  • 6000 MB-1s shipped for distribution from SonSet Solutions Elkhart office

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