Money Matters

This past year was one of the most financially challenging for our personal ministry with HCJB Global. We faced a very large account deficit in the fall even though we were not receiving our full recommended salary. Thanks to generous supporters, we ended the year in the black. Following are answers to some common questions regarding missionary support at HCJB Global.
HCJB Global Missionary Support Allocation
What happens if you don’t receive enough support? Our ministry account falls into deficit. If the deficit continues to increase, we take a voluntary reduction in our salary until the deficit is cleared. If the reduced salary would become a hardship or the deficit became too large, we would have to spend time trying to raise more support or terminate our ministry with HCJB Global.

Why are your medical and social security expenses so high? Commissioned missionaries, like ministers, are considered self-employed by the IRS. Unlike most business employees, we are required to pay the employer’s share of social security. HCJB Global requires that we raise funds for both the employee and employer’s share of medical insurance as well.

How is your missionary allowance (salary) determined? Mission management gathers information about living expenses for each missionary field and determines a living and housing allowance for that field. In the U.S., this salary is usually near the median for the community.

Where does your financial support come from? Financial support for our ministry comes from three churches, one foundation, and about 30 families or individuals.  Several of our faithful supporters are elderly, so we are praying for and actively seeking younger partners to join us in our ministry with HCJB Global. It would be great to have ten new supporters this year!

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