June 2011 Family News

On May 14, our daughter, Emily, graduated cum laude from Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, with degrees in Business and Business Administration. After three weeks of rest, she left for Quito, Ecuador, where she is interning with HCJB Global in the business office until August.

Jenny, our oldest, has been teaching second grade at a tri-lingual (Spanish, English, and French) international school in Mexico since January. We thank the Lord that after months of searching, she was able to find good employment. She and her husband, Oscar, are doing well and are involved in evangelism and a local church ministry along with having full-time jobs.

John, our youngest (22) and an excellent salesman, is working at a local video store and is now a manager-in-training for the store chain. He is living at home but hopes to move when he is promoted to manager.

Barb is enjoying her summer break from the library at Elkhart Christian Academy. Being on the board of trustees of the local public library and Sunday School superintendent at our church keeps her “on the go” even during the summer.

Dan is working on several projects at the Technology Center related to using computers and the Internet for Christian communications. Teaching the senior-high boys’ Sunday School class at church helps keep him focused on the non-technical, human side of the Lord’s work.

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