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Auction of Dan's Brother's Estate
Auction of Dan's Brother's Estate

On March 8, I (Dan) attended the auction of the estate of my late brother who was killed in a farm accident last August. It was difficult to see many of the tools and machines that my father and brother had used sold to the highest bidder. Our family had been farming for over 100 years since my great-grandparents came to the U.S. from Sweden, and this auction marked the end of that era.

Although it made me sad to see all the things being sold, I reminded myself that it was only “stuff” that would not last forever anyway. What really matters is not “stuff” but people and God’s will for them. We all need to focus on eternity because the only things on this earth that will last forever are people’s souls and God’s Word.

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  1. Dear Dan, we are very sorry to hear about your brother. We did not realise that you had lost him – and we were with you not long after. May the Lord continue to be your rock especially in times of sorrow. much love max and cay


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