HCJB Global Partner Stations in Haiti

One of our partners in Haiti is Radio Lumière, the largest Protestant radio network in Haiti, with one television station and nine AM and FM radio stations reaching out with the message of God’s love to nearly 3 million people across the nation. The broadcasts, heard throughout Haiti and into Dominican Republic, are within hearing range of 90% of the people of Haiti. In many rural areas, it is the only radio broadcasting available in either of the two local languages, Creole and French. In the spring of 2009, several hundred SonSet® Radios were distributed through Radio Lumière. The daily program schedule of Radio Lumière includes evangelistic programs and programs to encourage Christians to grow in their walk with the Lord in addition to general programs designed to inform, teach or entertain.

The main station was temporarily knocked off the air by the quake, but suffered only minimal damage and went back on the air five days later.  Since the earthquake, the station has been doing open microphone programs, letting people come and tell of problems in their area and requests for help in various locations. They are also providing news and public service announcements such as the availability of buses provided by aid organizations.

HCJB Global has had a cooperative ministry relationship with Radio Lumière for many years, periodically sending technical teams to assist in equipment repair and renovation. HCJB Global missionary engineer Alan Good was in Port-au-Prince at the time of the earthquake to help with the computer-based radio automation system and training of station staff. Alan escaped injury and has since returned home along with two other volunteers from the U.S., but three Haitian employees of Radio Lumière were killed by the quake elsewhere in the city.

Another HCJB Global cooperating ministry, Radio Station 4VEH, operated by One Mission Society (formerly OMS International) in Cap-Haitien, was undamaged. Broadcasting hope, Radio 4VEH has been ministering to a traumatized and grieving nation, providing news, announcements, prayer, encouragement and comfort. At the other side of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, staff members at Radio Eternidad (Eternity Radio) in the Dominican Republic also launched their own Haitian relief effort.

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