Getting the Gospel to Every Village

“You are not going to see mass movements toward the gospel unless the masses have access to the gospel,” observes Andrew Brown of Every Village, an evangelical ministry in South Sudan. So how do you get the gospel to the masses in a country where the literacy rate is around 20% and even those who can read prefer to learn by oral means? The answer—radio!EveryVillageSudanListeners

In this environment, “radio makes so much sense in getting the gospel out,” Brown explains. “The people of South Sudan pass down their history from one generation to another through stories. We use chronological Bible storying, preaching, and church music combined with health and community development training in our radio programs.”

SonSet Solutions has helped provide equipment and technical support for three stations in strategic locations in South Sudan and a fourth is in process. “Radio is the only media outlet the people have so it is tremendously popular,” Brown reports.

One Christian listener reports that a relative was antagonistic to the church but would listen with him to Christian radio. Eventually the relative became a believer and an active member of the church. Christian radio softens people’s hearts toward the gospel, and has contributed to a dramatic increase in church plants in the region.

Every Village is working for “holistic transformation” throughout South Sudan through community development, radio, and church planting efforts. SonSet Solutions is privileged to assist them in fulfilling that goal.

Helping ministries like Every Village is why we are here. And we wouldn’t be here if not for those who partner with us. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

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