From Radio to Water in Africa

After many years of patience and perseverance, our water monitoring work in the Central African Republic (CAR) has come full circle.

This account goes all the way back to 2007, when Dan was part of a team of SonSet Solutions missionaries who traveled to the CAR to install a shortwave radio station for Water for Good, a ministry dedicated to bringing clean and lasting water to everyone in the Central African Republic. This station enabled Water for Good to reach nearly the entire country with messages about clean water, hygiene, farming, and, most importantly, God’s Word. In 2010 Dan returned with two other SonSet engineers to install a second shortwave transmitter to increase radio coverage.

Later, Water for Good asked for help with monitoring their water wells remotely. This would lighten the burden of their maintenance teams who travel through the remote African bush. We began collaboration with well pump manufacturers in pursuit of a solution.

While we were able to test two prototypes in March 2013, civil war broke out in the CAR immediately afterward. Due to this barrier and requests from other water ministries that heard of our efforts, we spent the next six years refining our technology and helping ministries such as Water Mission and Zoe Waters in more than a dozen other countries.

Now the political climate is more stable in the CAR, and Water for Good has installed a new, improved hand pump in several villages. In July of 2019, SonSet Solutions provided SonSetLink™ water monitors for these pumps bringing us back to the ministry where the pursuit of a solution first started! We are grateful for the opportunity to provide tools that increase the effectiveness of  ministries like Water for Good.


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