Find what God is using … and do more of it

Wayne Pederson, president of HCJB Global, recently challenged us to “find what God is using … and do more of it” in 2011. Some examples of the things God is using at HCJB Global include:

Local FM radio in Sub-Saharan Africa

One partner in South Africa has a thriving network of 33 stations as well as a highly effective HIV/AIDS ministry in Cape Town. Another partner in Africa has planted three stations, some in a heavily Muslim area.

Local FM radio in Southeast Asia

One Muslim area has 45 stations on the air. We have helped install three stations in Nepal, and we are working with a coalition of churches in Thailand to place 100 community FM stations across the country.

SonSet® pre-tuned, solar-powered radios

One partner reports, “Thank you VERY much for sending the solar-powered radios to our Cambodian Ministry. They are very best tools to meet our radio need to allow many people to hear God’s messages through our radio broadcast.”

By God’s grace we will continue to use technology to help expand his kingdom.

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