Family News – March 2017

Barb is finishing up another year of Happy Day Clubs. She has been helping in two local elementary schools with the after school Bible club teaching the “missionary story” for each group of children. What a privilege it is to be able to share Bible lessons, songs, memory verses, games, and stories with these children each week. Several have made first-time commitments to trust Jesus to forgive their sins and give them eternal life.

We featured the colors of the Wordless Book in the Fall and referred to it all year long. The gold page represents heaven and the glory of getting to live there with Jesus when we die. The black page presents the problem of sin and how that separates us from God and keeps us out of heaven. The red page reminds us of Jesus’ blood shed on the cross for our sin, and the white page reflects the clean, new hearts we have as we trust Jesus and have our sins forgiven. Yes, washed “white as snow.” The green cover reminds us how important it is to grow in our faith by learning more about the Lord each day.

Another fun thing that Barb has been involved in is caring for the babies during the Tuesday morning class for young moms. The mothers are free to meet together and study what the Bible teaches about becoming wives and mothers. We usually have six or seven children under the age of 2½, and our own grandson has been part of the group these two years.

Dan began driving the church bus picking up neighborhood children for the Wednesday evening Word of Life program. He averages about 17 children each week and then takes them home again. While the children are at the church, Dan enjoys spending a couple of hours with our grandson.

Jenny and Oscar continue to work on raising support so that they can return to Mexico later this year. In the meantime, we are making the most of being Nana and Grandpa to their boys while they are here.
We are happy to announce the engagement of our daughter, Emily, to Cody Hall, a fellow missionary engineer at SonSet Solutions working on clean water projects. They will be married on May 6 and will be living here in Elkhart.

Our son, John, and his wife, Katie, are doing well in Indianapolis. John was recently promoted to manager of the meat department in a large grocery store north of Indianapolis.

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