Eating Off Special Plates

DanChicagoMeeting2015Some of the ministries that we assist are in areas that are extremely hostile toward Christians. Recently I traveled to a Chicago suburb with the president of SonSet Solutions to discuss a possible technical solution for distributing Christian television programming with two men from Central Asia. Conversion from the State religion in their country is punishable by death, and any effort viewed as proselytizing by other faiths can bring severe consequences. Our new acquaintances said “Everyone knows if you are a follower of Christ. There is no hiding. This is good. We eat off ‘special plates’ when we go to restaurants in our country. Those plates get thrown away after we are done. People believe we have defiled them since we are considered infidels.” It made me wonder whether I would be willing to eat off the “special plates.”

Opportunities to serve people like these men are humbling.