Crown FM Asaba is on the air!

(c) Can Stock Photo / michal812
Described as “One of the best things that has happened to Asaba” by a Facebook reviewer, in just a few months of broadcasting to the city this station has become a favorite spot on the dial for many in Asaba, Nigeria.

Nothing is easy in Africa, and starting this radio station certainly wasn’t. Enormous challenges standing in the way did not deter Benny King from pursuing his dream of establishing Christian radio in this metropolitan area. Paperwork, approvals, signatures, funding, and frequency assignment took weeks longer than hoped. But with great joy and celebration they have hit the airwaves. This new station in Asaba, the state capitol city, is reaching those who govern and make laws.

SonSet Solutions is privileged to assist by supplying transmitters, computers, antennas, cables, and such, along with necessary training and trouble-shooting. What an honor to partner with Nigerians desiring to reach their own communities with the truth of God’s word.

Bringing Joy to People in Faraway Lands

Reaching people in faraway lands includes sharing the gospel by radio as far away as Timbuktu. In 2007, a new radio station went on the air in Timbuktu, Mali. This station spreads the gospel message in five local languages to an area along the Niger River dominated by Islam and traditional religions.

This fall the pastor who operates the station contacted SonSet Solutions for help to resolve a transmitter problem. The eleven-year-old transmitter was then sent to Elkhart for repair and refurbishment. Once serviced and returned, we trust this transmitter will provide many more years of broadcasting the gospel message in Timbuktu!

During 2018, we at SonSet Solutions have been able to work with over 165 ministries in more than 60 countries! We have sent out nearly 150 SonSetLink™ remote water monitoring systems, helped plant and maintain many radio stations and provided thousands of SonSet® radios to get the gospel into people’s hands.

Radio: A Powerful Media in Africa

A pastor in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been using radio for several years to reach people with the gospel message in his area. Recently, God opened the doors for him to start another radio station in a different part of the country. This area of the DRC is very poor and has historically been a satanic stronghold. He is eager to start this new gospel outreach over the airwaves with equipment he received from SonSet Solutions. Having utilized radio for a number of years already, he writes:

“We don’t cease to praise God for the help you have given us to proclaim the Good News every day. Surely many people are receiving Jesus and turning away from their sins. Let me inform you that radio is the powerful media in many countries here in Africa. It is among the best way to communicate the Kingdom of God to many people.”

 Recently SonSet Solutions has received requests for assistance in establishing or expanding radio outreach in Kenya, Tanzania, and Cameroon. We are thankful for all who partner with us through giving and prayer to make this ministry possible.

Wi-Fi without the Internet

People all around the world, even in rural Africa, have smartphones, and use their phone like a handheld computer. Many ministries would like to distribute community development and Christian materials to local smartphone users, but the local connection to the Internet is either too slow or (more likely) non-existent. Dan and other engineers at SonSet Solutions are researching and experimenting with small Wi-Fi devices that function as miniature libraries containing videos, audio Bibles, and digital books that can be downloaded to a smartphone.

This July, we sent two palm-sized units for testing by a ministry to refugees in Uganda and to a pastors conference in Burkina Faso. Each unit contained the complete two-hour Jesus Film and audio Bibles in English or French and several local tribal languages. Anyone within a 200-ft. radius is able to “see” the Wi-Fi library with their phone and either view or download the videos and books for later. Local pastors and leaders can use a laptop computer to add their own materials to the Wi-Fi library and customize the look and feel for the local community.

Clean Water and the Gospel

Our son-in-law, Cody Hall, is a mechanical engineer who came through the SonSet Solutions apprenticeship program. Cody and our daughter Emily just returned from a very successful trip to Kenya where they saw God at work in many ways.

SonSet Solutions’ ministry partner Harvesters International works with Pokot Outreach Ministries (POM), a ministry founded and led by nationals focused on reaching the Pokot people with the Good News of Jesus. They accomplish this by evangelizing the people in villages and communities where they help provide clean water. The work is led by Pokot pastors who have completed a rigorous two-year training program. As people come to Christ, these pastors go out and start more churches farther out in the West Pokot County of Kenya and across the border into Uganda and South Sudan.

After installing two SonSetLink™ water monitors at a children’s home, Cody and Emily traveled into the bush to visit two recently installed wells. They talked with about 20 people who had walked nine miles with their donkeys loaded with water jugs to collect water. They had left their village early in the morning, and it took them several hours to fill their jugs.

The Pokot people are nomads and travel depending on where the water sources are. Their livelihood is their livestock (goats and cattle). These 20 people had recently come across the border from Uganda and are moving closer to the well so they will not have to walk so far.

Asked if the water from the pump was better than the water from an older hand-dug well, they enthusiastically said, “Yes! We are feeling better since drinking this water!” What a joy to hear this! POM says this happens often; that groups find a reliable source of clean water installed by POM and become established nearby, instead of wandering to where the next water source is. It is into this community that POM sends one of their pastors to build relationships with the people, lead them to Jesus, and a new church grows organically. This is the church-planting model that POM has been pursuing successfully for over 20 years.