Technology for Evangelism & Discipleship

Tech graphic of people working around the worldAlthough the message of the Bible does not change, our world is rapidly changing; and HCJB Global is working to find ways of using new technology to deliver the timeless message.

Dan is on a mission-wide committee researching opportunities for using new technology. One type of technology has emerged as being almost universal throughout the world – cell phones. Sixty percent of the people of the world have cell phones including even some poor children of Africa. Our next task is to determine how we could use cell phone technology for Christian outreach.

The following report illustrates how emerging mobile phone technology can be used in missions:

And there are growing opportunities to use mobiles in evangelism and discipleship. One pastor in India writes, “I am working as an ordinary pastor with the Church of North India in a rural area. It is good for me that I download your worship and outreach songs on my PC and through that to my mobile phone to show the rural people how to worship by heart.”

Radio ministries have a wonderful opportunity to create MP3-download web pages of selected past programs. These programs are especially helpful in cultures where there is little printed material. These pages can also explain how to place MP3 downloads into mobile devices and suggest ways to share them with others.

Source: Lausanne World Pulse

Using Our Gifts for Kingdom Impact

Dan at workDan’s work is primarily the management of the HCJB Global Technology Center computer and network systems. He keeps the email system running, backs up the data from hundreds of projects and partners with whom we work, helps others with their computer problems, and does research for technology that can be used by partner ministries.

While much of Dan’s work is physical with computer hardware and software, it enables the spiritual work of a partner out in a local village or evangelism and discipleship in an unreached metropolis using the airwaves.

Tending to and researching computer equipment for HCJB Global can be likened to the builders of the tabernacle in Exodus 36. Various types of craftsmen used their minds and hands to construct a tangible building as God directed to be used for a spiritual purpose. Each craftsman was uniquely called and gifted by God for a practical purpose.

The impact of engineering support work can also be likened to the men in Acts 6:2 who were chosen to use their hands to serve others as their ministry to the Lord, so that the preachers and teachers could commit themselves fully to their spiritual ministry.

One of our machinists here in Elkhart said it well:

In the final analysis, the great commission can be seen as a multi-faceted offensive in today’s world, and one small but important facet impacting the saving of souls is radio, and one small part of radio is making the equipment needed to reach people.