New Mission—Same Work—Same Passion!

For nearly 39 years we have been part of Reach Beyond and the HCJB Global Technology Center. Last year, God led these ministries to move in different directions in order to grow, and Reach Beyond transferred the assets of the Technology Center to SonSet Solutions.
On January 1, 2015, the HCJB Global Technology Center became an independent missions agency called SonSet Solutions. We are continuing to provide technology-based solutions to advance the Gospel worldwide as we have done for the past 29 years. By the end of the year we (Dan & Barb) will officially leave Reach Beyond and join SonSet Solutions.

What’s changing?

  1. The name of the organization we work for – from Reach Beyond to SonSet Solutions
  2. The place to send financial support – from Reach Beyond to SonSet Solutions
  3. The scope of our ministry – broader, serving more partners

What’s not changing?

  1. Where we work – Dan will work out of the same office
  2. What we are doing – using technology-based solutions to advance the Gospel worldwide
  3. Whom we serve – like-minded ministries who need technical assistance
  4. Our commitment – to our Lord Jesus Christ and his Church

We’re a Pit Crew, not Cowboys

I (Dan) recently viewed a video that compared cowboys and pit crews. Cowboys ride in with fanfare, handle the situation single-handedly, and ride back out as heroes. Conversely, pit crews work as a coordinated group of team members, each with a part in the overall task.

Most of us want to be cowboys, but when it comes to God’s work, we are called to be part of a pit crew. Each one of us who is a born-again child of God has a part to play in the Church, the Body of Christ. In 1 Corinthians chapter 12, Paul speaks of the Church having one body with many parts. Each part has a role to play and no single part is “better” than any other, but we are all called to fulfill our role.

When someone in Africa hears the Good News of Jesus Christ on the radio, it’s because someone broadcast that program on a local radio station. Someone else wrote the program in the local language, and someone else in Elkhart was able to provide the technology to record and transmit the program. You or someone else gave financially to support the others. Although certain roles are more noticed than others, all are equally important to accomplishing the task of proclaiming Christ via radio.

Thank you to everyone who is part of our pit crew with HCJB Global!


Opportunities and Challenges Ahead in 2012

Barb is the new administrator for the HCJB Global Technology Center Facebook page and is learning the ins-and-outs of Facebook page management. Check out the page at:  and click “Like” to keep informed about what’s happening at the Tech Center.

I (Dan) am looking forward to more involvement with Internet-based ministries both with the Technology Center and partner ministries because even people in poor areas of Africa are gaining access to low-cost smart phones. I can help Christian producers and content creators understand and set up the nuts-and-bolts technology that runs behind the scenes which is a foreign language to many non-technical people. Although working with technology is fun for me, what makes it worthwhile is seeing it used to communicate the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

One of our challenges is determining which projects we should pursue in order to further Christian ministry. We can assist others with radio station and recording studio setup, power generation for remote areas, and all kinds of digital and “new media” ministries.

Another challenge is the ongoing financial support of our ministry. This coming year we face a 10% increase in our medical insurance premiums. We praise the Lord for those who support us financially and are seeking others who will partner with us as we look forward to a new year of fruitful service.


Money Matters

This past year was one of the most financially challenging for our personal ministry with HCJB Global. We faced a very large account deficit in the fall even though we were not receiving our full recommended salary. Thanks to generous supporters, we ended the year in the black. Following are answers to some common questions regarding missionary support at HCJB Global.
HCJB Global Missionary Support Allocation
What happens if you don’t receive enough support? Our ministry account falls into deficit. If the deficit continues to increase, we take a voluntary reduction in our salary until the deficit is cleared. If the reduced salary would become a hardship or the deficit became too large, we would have to spend time trying to raise more support or terminate our ministry with HCJB Global.

Why are your medical and social security expenses so high? Commissioned missionaries, like ministers, are considered self-employed by the IRS. Unlike most business employees, we are required to pay the employer’s share of social security. HCJB Global requires that we raise funds for both the employee and employer’s share of medical insurance as well.

How is your missionary allowance (salary) determined? Mission management gathers information about living expenses for each missionary field and determines a living and housing allowance for that field. In the U.S., this salary is usually near the median for the community.

Where does your financial support come from? Financial support for our ministry comes from three churches, one foundation, and about 30 families or individuals.  Several of our faithful supporters are elderly, so we are praying for and actively seeking younger partners to join us in our ministry with HCJB Global. It would be great to have ten new supporters this year!

Anderson Support Needed

How You Can Help Us

We are not “Lone Rangers” but part of the family of God, and we are thankful for all who partner with us in our work for the Lord. You can help us in this work by …

  1. Praying regularly for us.
  2. Sending an email to us at (a blank message will do) so that we can verify your email address and send you ministry updates.
  3. Telling others about our ministry with HCJB Global and introducing us to them.
  4. Visiting our website at and giving us feedback about what you read.