Communicating with a Wordless Book

How can a book with no words tell the greatest story ever? The Wordless Book does just that in after school Bible classes called “Happy Day Clubs.” Barb is part of an exciting ministry that teaches children in public schools how much God loves them.

The GOLD page represents Heaven, the wonderful place God has made for those who love him. The DARK page illustrates the problem of sin which separates us from God. The RED page reminds us of Jesus’ blood that was shed as he paid the penalty for our sin, and the WHITE page shows our hearts washed clean. The GREEN cover encourages us to grow in Christ by reading the Bible and praying everyday.

One of the schools where Barb helps has 44 children registered, the other has 38.  Please pray with us that these children will put their trust in Jesus and grow in the Lord each week.


We Made It to Mexico!

We praise that Lord that Dan and Oscar drove the 2000 miles from Elkhart in a van with trailer to Queretaro, Mexico with only a couple of problems. When they crossed the border, Dan and Oscar had unload about half of the trailer and pay more than expected to enter the country. Later on the trip they took a detour recommended by the GPS and toured some parts of Monterrey, Mexico, that they would have preferred to avoid. But in the end, they made safely to Queretaro on the evening of July 19th. Barb, Jenny, and our two grandsons flew down the next day later giving Dan and Oscar time to get their new house prepared.

You can read about Jenny and Oscar’s ministry at

Young Hearts Turning to Jesus

“Teacher, Teacher, will there be time today to pray for forgiveness?” While my co-teacher was teaching the day’s memory verse at the front of the class, two third grade boys flagged me (Barb) down in the back of the room. They had been waiting all week to ask Jesus to forgive their sin and give them clean hearts! “We will certainly be sure to make time for that today,” I told the boys. What a joy to find such receptive hearts at our “Happy Day” bible clubs meeting after dismissal at the local elementary schools. That very day not just two, but three little boys gave their lives and hearts to Jesus. It is such a privilege to encourage and watch them grow in their spiritual lives.

Dan’s Quick Trip to Mexico

In August, while Jenny and Oscar were in Mexico for several weeks leading a musical ministry team from their church in Indiana, I (Dan) was called upon to make an unexpected trip to deliver some electronic equipment to them for the sound system at their Queretaro church. I received notice of the urgent need to make the trip at 11:00 a.m. on a Friday morning, quickly found a bargain plane ticket, and was in Queretaro by 6:30 a.m. the next morning. The equipment helped the church save a substantial sum of money and provided them with better tools for ministry allowing a musical/evangelistic outreach to go on. I was also able to help with Spanish/English interpretation and take photos for the music group at the church.

Being an engineer, I like to think things through, so this spur-of-the-moment trip was a stretching experience. Through it all I learned (or relearned) several lessons:

  1. Be ready to serve on short notice.
  2. Be flexible and change plans when a ministry opportunity appears unexpectedly.
  3. There are many ways we can serve in ministry—music, preaching, technology, photography, or just being a courier.
  4. When we serve, we are blessed.
  5. When we give, whether it is time or money, we receive.

You can view the video of Jenny and Oscar’s that I contributed to here.