My Passion

Dan at workIt’s hard to believe it, but this January marks the beginning of my 35th year of ministry with HCJB Global. The world and the missionary enterprise have changed greatly over these 34 years, and it made me think about my motivation for Christian ministry.

Since I was a child, I have had a fascination with technology a passion for the gospel (good news) of salvation through Jesus Christ, and a desire to spread that good news to the world. When I began working at Radio Station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador in 1977, most of the proclamation of the message was through shortwave radio, reaching across the world and behind the “iron curtain” of the Soviet Union. Now the world communicates more via local radio, satellites, the Internet, and cell phones, and I am privileged to be part of a team at the HCJB Global Technology Center that is working to harness those technologies for the Lord’s work.

Our new Media Center, which was inaugurated last fall, will help produce Christian audio and video content that can be viewed on a cell phone, iPad, iPod, personal computer, or whatever technology comes next. I want to  help ministry partners communicate in such a way that the listener/viewer/user, sees Christ in the message. I want to help in the production of content that is more than entertainment or mere information, but becomes a life-changing message. This media should attract the non-believer, but still have an underlying Christian message.

Much of the world’s population is young, and I want to reach the “millennial generation”, those born between the mid-1970s to the early 2000s. I want to clearly communicate biblical truth to young people so that they can become part of the church and use their God-given talents to glorify Him. More than merely understanding them and helping them “do their thing”, I would move them to do “God’s thing.”

My passion is to know Christ and to make him known. Barb and I cannot do it alone, but only with the prayer and financial partnership of like-minded believers. If you are not part of our support team, we invite you to join us.

It’s Only Stuff

Auction of Dan's Brother's Estate
Auction of Dan's Brother's Estate

On March 8, I (Dan) attended the auction of the estate of my late brother who was killed in a farm accident last August. It was difficult to see many of the tools and machines that my father and brother had used sold to the highest bidder. Our family had been farming for over 100 years since my great-grandparents came to the U.S. from Sweden, and this auction marked the end of that era.

Although it made me sad to see all the things being sold, I reminded myself that it was only “stuff” that would not last forever anyway. What really matters is not “stuff” but people and God’s will for them. We all need to focus on eternity because the only things on this earth that will last forever are people’s souls and God’s Word.

The Point of the Arrow

Point of the arrow graphicWhat is the point of what are we doing at HCJB Global? The president of our mission, Wayne Pederson, summarizes our ministry:

“HCJB Global is using the mass media, healthcare and leadership development to reach people who have never heard, to reach people groups with limited access to the gospel and to mobilize those who can serve. But global evangelism is the ‘point of the arrow’ for HCJB Global.”

“When we provide emergency response, our goal is to introduce people to Jesus. When we provide clean water, it’s to point recipients to Jesus, the Living Water. When we provide healing help through our hospitals and clinics, it’s to introduce patients to the Great Physician. And in our broadcasting operations, it’s to communicate the good news about the one who came to demonstrate God’s love and the gift of eternal life to our needy world.”

The Fragility of Life

Dan with his brothers, Rick and Bob

A number of events these past few months have caused me (Dan) to reflect on the fragility of our lives. First, we, like millions of others, experienced significant financial loss.

Then in August, my brother, Rick, was killed in a farm accident when some heavy steel corral panels fell on him. No one expected such a sudden ending of his life on earth. My brother, Bob, and I were thankful that we had had a good time with him just one month before when we took the photo below. (Rick is on the left.)

This past week, a neighbor boy only a few doors down from our house died from a drug overdose. He lived a troubled life, and it was disturbing to see it end at only 21 years of age.

All of these earthly troubles remind me that our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ, not in ourselves or other people. My brother, Rick, had that hope, and he is with his Lord, but I wonder whether the neighbor boy had any hope.

We desire to continue in our ministry with HCJB Global and our local church because we want others to know that this fragile life only makes sense when it revolves around Jesus Christ. As the Apostle Paul said, “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17 NIV

Technology for Evangelism & Discipleship

Tech graphic of people working around the worldAlthough the message of the Bible does not change, our world is rapidly changing; and HCJB Global is working to find ways of using new technology to deliver the timeless message.

Dan is on a mission-wide committee researching opportunities for using new technology. One type of technology has emerged as being almost universal throughout the world – cell phones. Sixty percent of the people of the world have cell phones including even some poor children of Africa. Our next task is to determine how we could use cell phone technology for Christian outreach.

The following report illustrates how emerging mobile phone technology can be used in missions:

And there are growing opportunities to use mobiles in evangelism and discipleship. One pastor in India writes, “I am working as an ordinary pastor with the Church of North India in a rural area. It is good for me that I download your worship and outreach songs on my PC and through that to my mobile phone to show the rural people how to worship by heart.”

Radio ministries have a wonderful opportunity to create MP3-download web pages of selected past programs. These programs are especially helpful in cultures where there is little printed material. These pages can also explain how to place MP3 downloads into mobile devices and suggest ways to share them with others.

Source: Lausanne World Pulse