Saved from the Crocodiles!

A partner, located in Kenya, recently communicated how their clean water wells and our water monitors are having an unexpected impact on a local village. Since the well and water monitor have been installed at a local primary school, their children are less likely to be attacked by crocodiles hiding in the dirty river because they can now get clean water from the new well! The monitor can notify the partner if the pump is not working properly so they can send someone out to repair it as soon as possible. Using this technology to monitor the well gives our partner direct access to the villagers when they come to check on the well, providing many opportunities for them to share about the Living Water which leads to eternal life! (story courtesy of Kevin Mayer)

Reaching Refugees through Radio

High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries of Ontario, Canada, is one of our long-time radio planting partners. Over the years we have supplied equipment for their radio stations located in several countries in Africa and Asia.
In 2015, we provided a suitcase transmitter and antenna for Usalama FM in Uganda. The station is located near the Adjumani Refugee Camp close to the border of South Sudan. Along with Christian programming, the station promoted peace and reconciliation between warring tribes. The government asked the station to increase its coverage, so earlier this year we sent them a new 1,000-watt FM transmitter and a high-power antenna to increase the outreach of the Usalama FM signal.

The new extended coverage includes three refugee camps, with a total population of over 815,000 refugees. In addition, the station can be heard by 1.5 million potential listeners who live within the host community. A full day of Christian programming is broadcast in English, Madi, and Dinka. Soon they will add programs in the Nuer language. The signal also can be clearly heard into South Sudan.

Various tribal and religious leaders, who have been given radios, gather people from their tribes to sit in large groups and listen to the programs at different times that range from early morning to late at night. The workers involved with Usalama FM believe God has given them a special opportunity to present the gospel message to these South Sudanese refugees before they return to their own country. Please pray for the staff to be effective as they share the message of salvation through their daily broadcasts. (story courtesy of Kevin Mayer)

Exploring Mobile Media in Burkina Faso

The cell phone revolution is a common phenomenon among our partners, including those in Africa. Three partners have contacted us just in the last nine months requesting our help to move their radio ministries toward a mobile-friendly media ministry model. The developing world is skipping right over wired telephones, cable internet, and desktop computer technologies in favor of the smartphone, which can provide all of the communication advantages available on these previous platforms but at a much lower cost overall. These tools provide an opportunity for another way to communicate the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

This summer, one of our missionaries will lead a team of media interns to Burkina Faso to assist Radio Evangile Développement (RED), one of our ministry partners. They will evaluate the mobile media landscape in that country and learn how young people are using their cell phones to interact with the world around them.

Miracle in Mali

malipumpinstallStephen Peacock traveled to Mali recently to install LifePumpsTM with Design Outreach carrying 18 audio Bibles in the dialect of the village where he would be working. As was his habit, this SonSet Solutions missionary planned to leave the audio Bibles with people in the community giving them something even more important than clean water – the eternal Word of God.

It was a huge disappointment to find that the leaders of the community had no interest in receiving the Bibles, although they were friendly and appreciative of the clean water system and monitor. Stephen writes, “At the end of an otherwise productive week, I had packed the audio Bibles in my suitcase to return to the U.S. but felt discouraged at this failed part of the mission. However, God delights in working in ways above and beyond our capabilities.”

The night before the missionaries left Mali, with suitcases packed and the audio Bibles tucked away, they headed off to a local restaurant for dinner. Standing in line, they met a Korean man who spoke English and were astonished to find this man was part of a mission team traveling to a Christian hospital 300 kilometers (186 miles) away. Their work was to address physical needs while distributing audio Bibles to address spiritual needs.
“We give out these audio Bibles, but our supply has run dry and we need more,” remarked the Korean man. “People are asking for them, but we don’t have any to give.” With immense joy Stephen ran back to his hotel room, grabbed the box of audio Bibles, and handed him the whole supply.

It appears that the delay, the timing, the waiting for this perfect moment to meet a real need from a brother they “happened” to bump into, was all part of God’s sovereign plan. Now the Bibles would be distributed to not just 18 people, but to 18 families in a far eastern corner of Mali. Stephen declared the circumstances surrounding this event a miracle.

The men parted ways giving thanks to God who truly knows all things and works all things out in marvelous ways.
(Story from

Solar Lamp Pole becomes a “Living Oasis”

Checking out the "Living Oasis" equipment
Checking out the “Living Oasis” equipment
Christians in Benin, West Africa, have found SonSet Solutions’ solar lamp pole (SLP) to be useful in areas where electricity is not readily accessible. Believers are calling it the Living Oasis, a fitting name for a box that offers life in a dry land!

So far, one prototype has been placed in Benin to experiment with this new concept. The hope is to place these units in churches, hospitals, clinics, stores, schools, or anywhere it would be appropriate. This will provide not only a lamp to light the darkness, but also a Wi-Fi hot spot for charging cell phones and using those phones to download information, listen to Christian radio, or watch an evangelistic video. The prototype in Benin has been loaded with the French Bible, Christian radio programming, and versions of the “Jesus” film in French, Fufilde, and Bariba, the main languages of the region.