September 2019 Family News

Dan is assisting with some Wi-Fi projects for partners and has started research into solar energy systems for use in underdeveloped countries. He spends a good part of each day keeping the 70+ computers and network running at the SonSet Solutions office.

Barb is ministering in three local elementary schools with afternoon Bible clubs. She is also involved with women’s Bible Study Fellowship and Friends of the Elkhart Public Library.

Emily and her husband, Cody, are expecting their first child in December. Cody is a SonSet Solutions engineer developing water pump monitors.

Jenny and Oscar continue their ministry in Queretaro, Mexico, where they are involved with discipling new believers and training church leaders.

John and his wife, Katie, are living in Indianapolis. John is enjoying his work at Old Gold Barbecue, and Katie is a stay-at-home mom who cares for their toddler who is changing and growing by leaps and bounds.

We praise the Lord for the many blessings He has brought into our lives. Our prayer is that we would remain faithful in serving Him with hearts of gratitude.

From Radio to Water in Africa

After many years of patience and perseverance, our water monitoring work in the Central African Republic (CAR) has come full circle.

This account goes all the way back to 2007, when Dan was part of a team of SonSet Solutions missionaries who traveled to the CAR to install a shortwave radio station for Water for Good, a ministry dedicated to bringing clean and lasting water to everyone in the Central African Republic. This station enabled Water for Good to reach nearly the entire country with messages about clean water, hygiene, farming, and, most importantly, God’s Word. In 2010 Dan returned with two other SonSet engineers to install a second shortwave transmitter to increase radio coverage.

Later, Water for Good asked for help with monitoring their water wells remotely. This would lighten the burden of their maintenance teams who travel through the remote African bush. We began collaboration with well pump manufacturers in pursuit of a solution.

While we were able to test two prototypes in March 2013, civil war broke out in the CAR immediately afterward. Due to this barrier and requests from other water ministries that heard of our efforts, we spent the next six years refining our technology and helping ministries such as Water Mission and Zoe Waters in more than a dozen other countries.

Now the political climate is more stable in the CAR, and Water for Good has installed a new, improved hand pump in several villages. In July of 2019, SonSet Solutions provided SonSetLink™ water monitors for these pumps bringing us back to the ministry where the pursuit of a solution first started! We are grateful for the opportunity to provide tools that increase the effectiveness of  ministries like Water for Good.


April 2019 Family News

Dan is working on a report for our board of directors to summarize the prominent challenges we face in effectively leveraging next-generation technologies and make recommendations for how SonSet Solutions should respond to these challenges, both in the Mission and in the unreached world.

Barb continues to work in the local public schools assisting with Happy Day Bible clubs and a new after-school program for third graders where 60 percent of the students come from non-English-speaking homes.

Jenny and Oscar’s ministry is going well in Mexico as the church where they work continues to grow and may need to have two services on Sundays to accommodate everyone.

Emily continues to work part-time at SonSet Solutions and has taken another part-time position with a local healthcare organization.

John has a new job with Old Gold Barbecue, an up-and-coming startup in Indianapolis.

What is the next tech for missions?

(c) Can Stock Photo / alphaspirit
Popularity of radio as a primary media source for communicating the gospel to the masses is slowing in much of the world.  Smart phones and the Internet are rapidly becoming the primary source of media and information even in the developing world as evidenced by the use of smart phones in remote towns of Africa and South America. As major businesses actively seek to connect the globe to the Internet, SonSet Solutions is researching how we might provide technology-based solutions to advance the Gospel in the coming years.

  • While radio will continue to be used for communicating the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, what other means should be added and how?
  • How can we use technology to help others and show that we care about the whole person—both physical and spiritual?

The world of technology is constantly changing and advancing, but the need to have a right relationship with God does not change. Our challenge is to find ways to adapt new technology to communicate the unchanging message.


Crown FM Asaba is on the air!

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Described as “One of the best things that has happened to Asaba” by a Facebook reviewer, in just a few months of broadcasting to the city this station has become a favorite spot on the dial for many in Asaba, Nigeria.

Nothing is easy in Africa, and starting this radio station certainly wasn’t. Enormous challenges standing in the way did not deter Benny King from pursuing his dream of establishing Christian radio in this metropolitan area. Paperwork, approvals, signatures, funding, and frequency assignment took weeks longer than hoped. But with great joy and celebration they have hit the airwaves. This new station in Asaba, the state capitol city, is reaching those who govern and make laws.

SonSet Solutions is privileged to assist by supplying transmitters, computers, antennas, cables, and such, along with necessary training and trouble-shooting. What an honor to partner with Nigerians desiring to reach their own communities with the truth of God’s word.