A Bright Light in Madagascar

During 2016 our team at SonSet Solutions helped establish 17 new community Christian radio stations. One of these stations was in a large refugee camp in Uganda where victims of war have fled from South Sudan. The camp is expanding in size so quickly that we are already working on an upgrade to increase the reach of the station.

Another station with a potentially large impact is in an isolated area of Madagascar. The following note is from a ministry worker on site that we have supported throughout this endeavor.

He says, “We would love to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your precious investment you made for Radio RFJ – FM104 in Madagascar. With your competent and sacrificial support and technical assistance you made it possible for us to go on air at the end of November 2016! This gives around 100,000 people access to the Good News. They can progress on their journey to find purpose and focus in life by discovering Jesus as their savior and king, and grow steadily towards maturity in Christ. For the majority of people RFJ is the only way to get access to Christian content such as worship, biblical teaching, prayer, etc. as there is neither electricity in the villages nor money or Christian resources in the form of Bibles, literature, cassette tapes or CDs available at all in [our area]. Through the radio, a sustainable shift is taking place in the spiritual atmosphere in the region. Daily 17 hours of worship, word of God, prayers and biblical truth is broadcast and ‘proclaimed’ into houses, families, businesses, markets, rice fields, etc. This will have a deep impact, God’s word never goes out in vain.”

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